Our idea of quality,Quality and Environmental policies

Basic management policies

  1. I. Observe laws and regulations We will observe laws, regulations and agreements in all of our business activities.
  2. II. Comprehensive quality training We will aim to improve employee’s awareness of customer satisfaction through comprehensive training.
  3. III. Reduce complaints and non-conformance We will work to reduce costs, starting by containing non-conformance.

Quality policy

Rin Kagaku Kogyo will continue to be a company that is indispensable to society, by providing a stable supply of products that our customers can use with peace of mind.


In addition to establishing organizational structures for ensuring thorough observance of social norms as well as laws and regulations, we will also work to improve our employee’s awareness in relation to compliance.

Compliance Declaration

“Compliance begins with the practical actions of each individual”
In recent years there have been strong demands for ‘compliance management’, so that companies can develop sustainably. ‘Compliance management’ involves carrying out corporate activities in a way that both complies with laws and regulations and respects social norms. As deregulation continues, the framework of society is shifting to one of post-facto regulation based on self responsibility, and companies must now manage all manner of risks based on their own judgment and responsibility, as they seek to make a profit.

With competition also intensifying, both domestically and internationally, there is a demand for speedy and efficient business activities in order to strengthen corporate competitiveness, so that each company’s capacity for self-management is being called into question now more than ever before.
This means that it is essential to make earnest efforts to address compliance issues, such as regulatory compliance. Without such efforts, not only will a company not have medium and long term growth, but the company itself cannot continue to exist.

The environment surrounding companies is changing in such a way that the issue of strengthening risk management systems is being called increasingly into question, against a backdrop of scandals both in Japan and overseas. In order to respond to such changing circumstances, we have decided to establish compliance rules and guidelines.

The basis of our compliance efforts is for each and every employee to strictly observe the rules that need to be kept in the process of carrying out day to day business activities, and to not perform any actions that violate these rules.
Moreover, the compliance practice of keeping rules that have been decided will also result in us having a stronger management culture.
I am certain that having each individual employee practice compliance in their everyday work, in accordance with these compliance rules and guidelines will enable us to win people’s trust, which will lead to sustainable development.

Every single member of our company, including myself, as the CEO, and all of our directors and employees, hereby declare that we will unite to tackle compliance, both as an organization and as individuals, based on the belief that the compliance practices of each individual collectively shape the corporate ethics of our Group and tie in with our management principles.

December 2011 Yoichi Yasuda